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MedHealth Diagnostic MRI & PET-CT Centres

​ Since its establishment in July 2014, the Medical Healthcare Magnetic Resonance Center has been committed to providing patient-oriented, efficient, reliable and comprehensive diagnostic and screening magnetic resonance imaging services. Our two MR centers in Central and Jordan are equipped with three General Electric (GE) 1.5T SIGNA Voyager AIRTM Edition 70cm wide aperture 65 RF channel MR scanners. These three magnetic resonance scanners are the first batch of scanners in Hong Kong equipped with the latest AIR Recon Deep Learning technology, which greatly improves the signal-to-noise ratio and spatial resolution, making the images clearer and shortening the scanning time.

In addition to magnetic resonance imaging services, the Medical Scan Center also provides positron scanning services. We have set up a positron scanning center at 152 Queen's Road Central, Central, equipped with a high-end General Electric (GE) Discovery IQ Generation 2 positron scanner, which can produce clearer images at a significantly lower radioactive tracer dose. The scanner is equipped with the latest Q-scan CT technology, which allows patients to breathe freely during image acquisition and avoids blurry images, allowing patients to experience a more relaxed and comfortable scanning experience.

Our imaging center has a professional team of experienced consultant radiologists, professional radiographers, magnetic resonance physicists and phlebotomists, led by the Head of Radiology, Dr. Wong Ho Man, to provide high standards of customer and patient care. Medical services.

醫健磁力共振及正電子掃描中心 MD Medhealth Diagnostic MRI Centre
醫健磁力共振及正電子掃描中心 MD Medhealth Diagnostic MRI Centre
醫健磁力共振及正電子掃描中心 MD Medhealth Diagnostic MRI Centre

Medical MRI and PET scan locations

Our flagship MRI center is located at The L. Place, 139 Queen's Road Central, Central, within easy reach of Central MTR Station Exit D2, Hong Kong Station Exit C and Sheung Wan MTR Station Exit E2.

Our Kowloon MRI Center is located at 238 Nathan Road, Jordan, adjacent to Exit E of Jordan MTR Station.

Our Central Positron Emission Scanning Center is located on the ground floor of the high-rise Queen's Road Center at 152 Queen's Road Central, Central. It is within easy reach of Exit D2 of Central MTR Station, Exit C of Hong Kong Station and Exit E2 of Sheung Wan MTR Station.

All of the above locations are fully barrier-free and suitable for patients in wheelchairs.

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