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MedHealth Diagnostic MRI & PET-CT Centres

Medhealth Diagnostic (MD) has been a reputable medical imaging center since July 2014 and is dedicated to providing patient-oriented, reliable, and comprehensive diagnostic and screening MRI Imaging services in Hong Kong and Kowloon. Our three MRI centres, locating in the heart of Central and Jordan districts, are equipped with three General Electric (GE) 1.5T SIGNA Voyager AIR TM Edition 70cm wide bore 65 RF channels MRI scanners (Central L.Place and Jordan Centres), one General Electric (GE) SIGNA HDxt 1.5T Optima 16 RF channels MRI scanner (Central Hing Wai Building Centre).

In Nov 2020, Medhealth's scope of imaging services have extended to PET-CT and we established our Medhealth PET-CT centre in Central on 152 Queen’s Road Central. Our Medhealth PET-CT centre is equipped with a high-end General Electric (GE) Discovery IQ Generation 2 PET-CT scanner which is capable of producing much clearer images with a significantly lower radiation dose of radiotracer used. This scanner has installed the latest Q-scan CT technique which allows the patient to breathe freely during image acquisition without casting any image blurring. Thus the patient will feel a lot easier and more comfortable during the scan. 

To ensure Medhealth provides the highest possible standard of medical services and patient care, our four Medhealth centres are served by a professional team comprising seven on-site consultant radiologists, qualified radiographers, MRI physicists and phlebotomists, under the leadership of our Radiologist-in-Charge, Dr. Simon Wong.


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