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What is a PET-CT Scan?

Positron emission tomography (PET-CT for short) is an advanced functional medical imaging technology. Through the injection of radioisotope drugs, the whole body is scanned and examined in order to obtain morphological and metabolic data. Currently PET-CT is one of the most reliable imaging modality in cancer detection and staging work-up for cancer patients.

The most advanced PET-CT scanner-GE Discovery IQ 2nd generation

Our PET-CT Centre is equipped with one of the most advanced General Electric (GE) PET-CT scanner, the Discovery IQ second generation model. The scanner comes with the LightBurst PET detector that reduces scan times and dose amounts in half. Combined with the next-generation improvements in sensitivity, motion correction and quantitation, this advanced PET-CT system has exceptional small lesion detectability with much enhanced image clarity.


Discovery IQ Gen 2 uses more accurate and consistent quantitative tools like Q.Clear that can lead to a 2x improvement in image quality (SNR) and up to a 2x improvement in quantitative SUV (SUVmean).


This PET-CT scanner is very accommodative even for patients with large body size as it has an aperture of 70 cm and a scanning length of up to 2 meters.


Clinical application of PET-CT Scans

  • Detection of primary cancer.

  • Distinguish between benign and malignant tumors.

  • Detection of cancer metastasis.

  • Assess treatment response and progress.

  • PSMA prostate scan to detect intra-prostatic cancer and possible extra-prostatic lymph nodes and visceral metastases.

  • Brain scan to diagnose Alzheimer's disease.​

Price of PET-CT Scan

The price of a PET-CT scan varies, depending on which body parts to be scanned, which radioactive isotopes is used (F18-FDG, Ga68-PSMA or Ga68-Dotatate) and whether intravenous iodinated contrast agent is needed or not.


For patients referred by the Hospital Authority, up to 40% discount of the list price will be offered. (learn more)


Please call our PET-CT Centre (2956 2028) for booking and enquires.

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