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What is a PET-CT Scan?

Positron emission tomography (PET-CT for short) is a functional medical imaging technology. Through the injection of radioisotope drugs, the whole body or part is scanned and examined to obtain morphology and Metabolic data. PET-CT is the most effective method for detecting cancer tumors in recent years.

The most advanced PET-CT scanner-GE Discovery IQ 2nd generation

The Medical Positron Scanning Center is equipped with Hong Kong’s most advanced GE Discovery IQ second-generation positron scanner. The PET-CT scanner has an aperture of 70 cm and a scanning length of up to 2 meters. Utilizing MotionFree's latest technology, the first digital respiratory movement management solution, and quantitative accuracy-Q.Clear, GE Discovery IQ Gen 2 PET-CT scanner average standard uptake value (SUVmean) increased by up to 30%, and lesion size and volume are accurate The average PET-CT uptake value (SUVmean) and the image signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) are both increased by a factor of 67%. The GE Discovery IQ second-generation PET-CT scanner is equipped with the latest and most advanced LightBurst PET detector, which can cut computer scanning time and dose by half. Combined with the latest generation of improvements in sensitivity, motion blur correction, and quantification, the medical professional team can obtain less radiation dose, obtain faster image processing and detect smaller pathogens.

Clinical application of a PET-CT Scan

  • Detection of primary cancer.

  • Distinguish between benign and malignant tumors.

  • Detection of cancer metastasis.

  • Assess treatment response and progress.

  • PSMA prostate scan to detect intra-prostatic cancer and possible extra-prostatic lymph nodes and visceral metastases.

  • Brain scan to diagnose Alzheimer's disease.​

PET-CT Scan price

The price of PET-CT scanning will be determined according to the scanned part. You can call the Medical Health Positron Scanning Center at any time to ask us about the price of Positron Scanning. For patients referred by the Hospital Authority, a discount of up to 40% can be enjoyed. (learn more)

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