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Information for People Undergoing MRI Examinations

MRI is a safe and simple examination. In most cases, the patient does not need to make any preparations. However, please be noted that not everyone is suitable for a MRI examination. In the following cases, please be sure to notify us.

• Pacemaker

• Pregnancy
• Fear of claustrophobia

• History of renal failure
• Tattoos or permanent makeup

• Neurostimulator

• Vascular clip

• Metal implants for artificial joints or orthopedic surgery
• Any metal foreign body in the body

• Bullet wounds
• Dentures

• History of drug or food allergies

In the case of the above, we will assess and inform you whether it is suitable for magnetic resonance inspection.
Please note that the patient does not need to abstain from eating or drinking before receiving the imaging syrup examination.
For those undergoing upper abdominal MRI examination, food and drink must be absent four hours before the examination.

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