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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scan


What is an MRI Scan?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI Scan) uses powerful magnetic fields, radiofrequence waves and sophisticated computer technology to transform images of human internal organs and tissues.

MRI Medical Diagnosis Service

Our Centers provide one-stop MRI medical diagnostic services, including high resolution neuroimaging, MRI mammography, abdominal imaging, musculoskeletal imaging, gynecological imaging, prostatic imaging and vascular imaging. General screening services include breast cancer screening, whole body magnetic resonance scanning for cancer screening and whole body magnetic resonance angiography screening for vascular risk assessment.

MRI Imaging Process

Most MRI scans take about 20-45mins, depending on the body parts to be scanned. The scans will be 10-15mins longer if intravenous contrast is needed. For some scans such as whole body imaging, total neural imaging, whole abdominal imaging, the scan time can take up to 60-90mins. During the scanning process, you need to lie flat and stay still inside the tunnel of the MRI scanner (Learn more about MRI scan Imaging).


To enhance our patients’ scanning experience, all our three MRI scanners are equipped with high quality in-bore audio entertainment system. Before entering into the MRI scan room, patients can choose the songs and album they want to listen to during the scan.


For children, our radiographers will maximize the use of ‘Silent Scan’ that can bring down MRI scanner noise to near background sound levels.


For patients with claustrophobia, our radiographers will give special refractive glasses or mirror to the patients such that they can look outside the tunnel during the scan and therefore ease their anxiety.


​MRI Scan-Medical Diagnostic Report

After the scan is completed, a detailed medical diagnostic report will be written by our experienced consultant radiologists based on the high resolution MRI images generated by our advanced MRI scanners. If necessary, our radiologist will provide suggestion for further imaging and/or investigations. (Learn more). The patient will receive a packet with films, report booklet and a USB drive in which the medical images are stored.

MRI Scan Pricing

The price of an MRI scan varies, depending on which body parts to be scanned and whether intravenous MRI contrast agent (Dotarem or Primovist) is needed or not.


For patients referred by the Hospital Authority, up to 40% discount of the listed price will be offered. (Learn more)


Please call our Central (2956 1938) or Jordan (2866 7900) MRI Centre for booking and enquiries.  

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