Patient Preparations

MRI is an easy and safe examination without any radiation.  Patients do not need to prepare for most of the examinations. However, because of the strong magnetic field in the scan room, certain conditions may preclude you from having a MRI examination.  Please alert our staff if one or more of the following conditions may be applicable to you.

• Pacemaker
• Pregnancy
• Claustrophobia
• History of renal failure
• Tattoo and permanent cosmetics
• Neurostimulator
• Aneurysm clips
• Metal implant
• Vascular stent
• Metallic foreign body
• Shrapnel or bullet wound
• Dentures
• Any history of drug or food allergy


After a thorough pre-scan evaluation, our staff will notify you if you can have the examination. If necessary and possible, we might modify the scanning protocol for your special condition.

For contrast study, there is no need to fast prior to the examination.

For abdominal MRI (including MRCP), patient should cease eating and drinking at least 4 hours prior to the examination.

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